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When you want custom screen printing or embroidery services, how do you decide on a good or great company? Is it recommendations from your friends, check out Google Revues, go through the phone book, research on line or many other options?  If you really want a great company, check out their pricing, turn around time frame, how long they have been in business, do their work in-house or sub it out, and check out their reviews. Also, talk to their employees to get a feel for their policies regarding Deposits, Refunds, and more importantly what is their policy to make the job right if you are unhappy.
Do your due diligence to ensure you will be getting not just a good job but a great job!
Now, the below picture is an example of GREAT workmanship.
And, another GREAT job from a reputable custom screen printing and embroidery shop that has been around a long time.
The point is, it pays to do your research on custom screen printers and embroidery shops. Always feel free to contact www.graphiX4you.com, call 586.713.8996 or email info@graphiX4you.com!


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