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Hello! My name is Patty Romanelli. I live in Fair Haven, Michigan and about 20 years ago I created Glitz4You because of my passion for fashion. I believed then, and still do today, that I could offer high quality apparel, unique fashion choices, and rhinestone embellished merchandise for the fashionista in all of us, and at affordable prices!

It all began on a part-time basis, but quickly grew into a full-time business, and before I knew it a complete boutique was created in my home. Not long after, I developed an online presence with the website, as well as connections with most social media platforms.

As you’ll see on the website, there are many avenues to explore. You can click on the ‘Shop’ tab and browse through items individually via each category, or you can go to the ‘Collections’ tab, which includes all of our items according to respective interest.

The most recent addition to our website is the Custom Apparel Order Form, found under the ‘Services’ tab, which allows you to download a photo of your artwork. When submitted, you will receive a quote with a list of customization options from which to choose. It’s that easy!

Glitz4You has always focused on providing quality and satisfaction. We continue to do this with updates on items, features, and by welcoming comments and suggestions from our valued customers. Please feel free to share your thoughts with us by clicking the ‘Contact’ tab, or clicking the Google Reviews link provided.

As always, thank you for stopping by and we look forward to being of service again soon!


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