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About 20 years ago, founder Patty Romanelli had a vision to satisfy a need in the fashion world to provide something the female audience seemed to be striving for which was rhinestone & rhinestud embellished merchandise and apparel, hence Glitz4you. Women just seemed to be taken by storm with these new designs. We then realized we needed to also provide rhinestone & rhinestud apparel which was and still is a very popular items.


After several years, Glitz4you felt it was missing something. That something seemed to be the world of ladies custom specialty items was not enough and felt we were missing that male inclusion in our business and could not get a handle on why. We then offered screen printing, embroidery, vinyl and more hoping to capture more male customers. Glitz4you had been around a long time but did not feel like we were drawing in the male audience.
We then began to focus on more men’s apparel but there was still something missing. Hence, Glitz4you realized that we had to alter our name to GraphiX4you to get rid of that stigma that all we had to offer was Glitz..


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