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Actually, there are a couple schools of thought on this subject. Some gals think they should go out and buy every new style that comes out but still MAY NOT be in style. Know why? Because they are wearing the wrong item. Just because it may be popular does not mean it is for you.

On the other hand, if apparel fits correctly (not too tight) it looks terrific and stylish. Some items you already have in your closet may look more stylish than the latest fashion trends. Just because it is a new fashion item does not mean it looks good on everyone. Please keep that in mind. Be cautious when picking a new design.

Colors are another consideration that is important. Look at your skin tone and if it needs a little lift, pick a really bold color. If you do not have that problem, pick out something in the middle or maybe go for earth tones.

Look around the next time you go shopping too (when that happens) to see what other gals are wearing, how their apparel fits, colors, accessories and really critique what you are seeing and find out what you really like. Don’t think that everything you like will apply to you though, so pick and chose carefully. And, when you buy it and take it home don’t be afraid to take it back (unworn and with original tags) for something else. That also applies to on line purchases.

Glitz4You has a Return Authorization Number that is required by calling our Office and then that gets displayed on the outside of the returned package or it will be refused. Once we receive it, upon examination that it is being returned in it’s original condition a refund or exchange can then be made.

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